BIC Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencils with Erasers, No. 2 Medium Point (0.7mm)


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No more broken leads! Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted writing experience with new BIC Break-Resistant mechanical pencils, thanks to the specially formulated No. 2 0.7mm lead and innovative shock-absorption mechanism has a 75% stronger lead*. A 75% stronger lead means less breakage–so you can write with less time spent clicking for more lead. Crafted with thoughtful design from top to bottom, the new BIC Break-Resistant mechanical pencil is the tool for any type of writing from jotting down a simple shopping list to composing longform letters; drafting professional documents to taking standardized tests; and everything in-between. Made to last with high-quality materials, each package includes extra break-resistant leads and a replacement jumbo eraser for easy editing. Available in six cool and fun colors including gray, green, purple, pink, yellow, and blue, the new BIC Break-Resistant mechanical pencils are as good looking as they are functional. Avoid the frustration of flimsy lead that snaps easily and requires constant replacement with the BIC Break-Resistant mechanical pencil to go the distance and last as long your inspiration. *vs leading competitor
  • One 12-count pack of BIC Break-Resistant No. 2 Mechanical Pencils with erasers
  • BIC Break-Resistant mechanical pencils provide the perfect combination of innovative features and appealing design for a smooth, uninterrupted writing experience
  • No more broken leads! BIC Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil has 75% stronger lead* and an innovative shock-absorption mechanism that helps prevent lead breakage. *vs leading competitor
  • Each BIC Break-Resistant mechanical pencil comes with specially formulated extra strong lead, as well as an easy-to-use twist-up jumbo-size eraser for clean corrections
  • Easily erase unwanted marks and make clean corrections with the jumbo, twist-up eraser that won't smudge the page