BIC ReVolution Xtra Life Mechanical Pencil, Black, 48 Pack

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The BIC ReVolution mechanical pencil has a barrel made from 65% recycled plastic and the paperboard used in this packaging is made up of 100% recycled content. It’s long-lasting with 3 mechanical pencil lead refills never need sharpening. Each lead is 90 mm long for hours of writing, sketching, doodling and journaling. The lead creates smooth dark strokes that are always the same width with it’s 0.7 mm point. It has a built-in eraser for making touch-ups… or when you have to start over. The sturdy, lightweight, high-performance BIC ReVolution mechanical pencil comes in cheerful yellow, green, red and blue barrels. Use the handy colored pocket clip and take it with you anywhere. A timeless BIC classic that’s helping to write our planet’s future.
  • Contains 0.7 mm leads for long-lasting and smooth writing that's great for notes, drawing or puzzles
  • Made of 65% recycled plastic
  • Three #2 90 mm long leads that never need sharpening: just click and write.
  • Bright colorful barrels in yellow, green, red and blue, plus a handy clip to attach the pencil to pockets and notebooks
  • Easily erase the mechanical pencil lead with the built-in eraser