BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced Women's Disposable Razor Five Blade For a Flawlessly Smooth Shave, Assorted


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So what makes this a great shave? Let us tell you. BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced razor for women has 5 (yes!) flexible blades that give you a close shave. Oh wait, there's more. A 360 degree, advanced comfort shield helps protect your precious epidermis from irritation. You thought we were done? Our water activated strips are enriched with aloe for an enhanced, gentle glide over your skin while shaving. BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced makes it easy to get in touch with your sensitive side.
  • Five flexible blades for a close and efficient shave
  • 360-degree, advanced comfort shield helps protect skin from irritation
  • Pivoting head and rubber grip for added control while shaving
  • Water-activated moisture strips, enriched with aloe, glide gently over the skin
  • Includes ten women's disposable razors, ideal for sensitive skin