BIC Multi Purpose Lighter with Long Metal Wand, Candle Collection, Great Lighter for Candles and Fireplaces, Pastel Colors

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Spark up amazing moments with BIC Multi Purpose Lighters. Each of these multipurpose lighters comes with a long metal wand to help keep fingers away from flame, as well as a retractable hook for easy storage. This pack of lighters is great for both indoor and outdoor lighting occasions. Every BIC lighter undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process, and they meet or exceed lighter safety standards established by federal organizations. Each lighter is child-resistant*, so you can comfortably use these long lighters at family gatherings. Whether you’re lighting a birthday candle, a grill or a fireplace, this BIC lighter stick is there for you. Looking for a go-to multi purpose lighter? BIC disposable lighters have you covered with dependable stick lighters for any situation. With this 4-count of stick lighters pack, the color options are pink, lavender, and white. Check out the Special Edition lighter Series to find unique lighters to match every mood. BIC lighters have it all – quality, design and style. *No lighter is child-proof. There is no substitute for proper adult supervision. Read all warnings before using this lighter.
  • One 4 Count Pack of BIC Multi-Purpose Candle Edition Lighters
  • The long durable metal wand on this multi purpose lighter helps keep fingers away from flame - great for candles, grills and fireplaces
  • Each stick lighter is child-resistant*, safe, reliable and 100% quality inspected
  • Every BIC pack of lighters undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process
  • Retractable hook for convenient storage, so you know exactly where to find your long lighters

All Lighters Are Not Created Equal

Serious About Safety, Committed to Quality

At BIC, safety is our #1 priority. For over 40 years, BIC has been manufacturing the highest quality lighters using world class automation, technology and processes. Every BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter features a child-resistant mechanism and has passed more than 50 individual quality and safety inspections, and is 100% quality inspected*.

*Source: Declaration of Quality and Safety, Societe BIC, April 2018.

For Every Lighting Occasion

Precisely light even the most obscure places with the BIC Multi-Purpose Flex Wand Lighter. The flexible wand is great for hard-to-reach grills, candle wicks and tiki torches. The BIC Multi-Purpose Classic Edition Lighter is the essential tool for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. With its long metal wand, the Multi-Purpose Classic Edition Lighter is designed to conveniently light fireplaces, barbecues and more. BIC utility lighters have a convenient retractable hook for easy storage and are available in a wide variety of colors.

The Right Lighter for You

Whether you’re looking to stay prepared during an emergency, to prepare for a cookout, or to have a convenient lighter ready whenever the need strikes, there’s a BIC Lighter for you. Every BIC Lighter has passed more than 50 individual quality and safety inspections for reliable product performance. When it comes to lighting birthday candles, barbecues, hurricane candles, tiki torches, fire pits, campfires and more, be sure to Flick It Safely: choose a BIC lighter. Browse our full range of BIC Multi-Purpose and BIC Pocket lighters to see all our special features and unique designs!