Executive Committee

Gonzalve Bich,
Chief Executive Officer
"Our passion for bringing simplicity and joy to people all over the world drives us to reimagine what's new today and what's next tomorrow."

Gary Horsfield,
Group Supply Chain (GSC) Officer
"Our foundation was built on delivering high-quality products to consumers at scale. The capabilities, passion and commitment of our teams, together with our continuous improvement culture, have created a strong platform on which we continue to innovate and grow."

Elizabeth Maul,
Group Insights, Innovation (GII) & Sustainability Officer
"Groundbreaking innovation is the magical nexus between curiosity, creativity, consumer and commerce. This is what we strive for every day."

Chester Twigg,
Group Commercial Officer
"At BIC Commercial we are obsessed with creating a faster, more responsive, and profitable business focused on consumers, channels, and customers in each market. In addition, we look to leverage synergies, build future capabilities, and accelerate the digitization of the business and organization."

Thomas Brette,
Group Partnerships and New Business Officer

"Today is when we shape the growth of tomorrow through sustainable partnerships and future-forward new businesses"

Sara LaPorta,
Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer
"Our Horizon Growth Plan gives us the organization a strategic and M&A road map to accelerate our growth to 2025 and beyond."

Charles Morgan,
Chief Administrative Officer
"As internal service providers our team’s roles are to deploy and sustain collaborative work environments & tools that increase the capacity of BIC Team Members to efficiently and effectively execute their tasks with appropriate flexibility given the changing nature of workplaces. We are investing in Technologies to better engage and collaborate with our current & potential customers, consumers, suppliers & other stakeholders in support of BIC’s growth & innovation goals."

François Clément-Grandcourt,
Group Lighter General Manager

Mallory Martino,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Chad Spooner,
Group Finance Officer
"We are laser-focused on realizing our Horizon Plan through continued growth, solid margins, and strong Free Cash Flow to sustain Total Shareholder Remuneration."

Board of Directors

Nikos Koumettis,
Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Maëlys Castella,
Independent Director,
Chair of the Audit Committee,
Member of the Compensation Committee,

Edouard Bich,

Société MBD*,
Member of the Audit Committee

Inna Kostuk,
Director Representing the Employees

Gonzalve Bich,
Chief Executive Officer, Director

Vincent Bedhome,
Director Representing the Employees,
Member of the Compensation Committee

Candace Matthews,
Independent Director,
Member of the Audit Committee,
Member of the Nominations, Governance & CSR Committee

Jake Schwartz,
Independent Director
Member of the Audit Committee

Elizabeth Bastoni,
Independent Director

Marie-Pauline Chandon-Moët,



Marie-Aimée Bich Dufour,
Member of the Nominations, Governance & CSR Committee

Timothée Bich,

Capital Structure