Elizabeth Maul

Group Insights, Innovation (GII) & Sustainability Officer



Elizabeth Maul is Group Insights, Innovation (GII) & Sustainability Officer for BIC. Elizabeth leads the Market & Consumer Insights, Research & Development, Brand & Portfolio Management and IP Innovation teams, in addition to GI&I HR, Finance and Innovation Program Management. Her focus is to guide these teams to create new tools and ways of thinking to drive innovation and sustainability, helping BIC to reach new heights.

Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience in the beauty business, consistently working with some of the industry's most coveted brands. Her learned appreciation and understanding of heritage brands, such as Boucheron, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme has been an essential foundation in her work. She played a vital role in the transformation of the H2O Plus and Becca Cosmetics brands, revamping and repositioning both for growth and expansion.

Known for her ability to find the magic between creativity and commerce, Elizabeth was instrumental in bringing artist-driven brands to life at Luxury Brand Partners over the past ten years. Throughout her career, she has focused on conceptualizing, developing and executing all aspects of a brand's life cycle, and leverages this expertise to increase BIC's ability to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing and consumer-driven environment.

Elizabeth is bilingual in English and French and holds a Bachelor of Arts in both French Studies and Humanities from Providence College and a Master of Arts in French Studies from Middlebury College.