BIC Soleil Disposable Women's Razors, 3 Soleil Simply Smooth Razors, 7 Soleil Sensitive Razors, 3 Blades for a Smooth Shave


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Reach for this Soleil Multi-pack of 10 razors with 3 Soleil Simply Smooth and 7 Soleil Sensitive to achieve soft, smooth skin. Soleil Sensitive is ideal for sensitive skin, this razor features three flexible blades that individually adjust to your curves and a unique Comfort Shield head that distributes pressure evenly while shaving. This allows the razor to glide smoothly and helps protect your skin from nicks and cuts. The ergonomic rubber grip handle provides a good grip on the razor, while the pivoting head offers added control. This razor also has a lubricating strip enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E to enhance glide. The disposable razor slips easily inside a gym bag or travel kit for convenient touch-ups. This multi-pack includes seven Soleil Sensitive disposable razors in fun colors. (*Vs. BIC Silky Touch) BIC Simply Soleil Women's Disposable Razors have three blades that offer a simply smoother shave (vs. BIC Silky Touch). Each razor has a Soothing Moisture Strip enriched with Vitamin E to enhance the glide over your skin as you shave. Its comfortable handle offers a controlled grip and features a fun floral design. These razors slip easily inside a gym bag, toiletry kit, or purse for quick touch-ups. The package includes 3 Soleil Simply Smooth women's disposable razors.
  • BIC Soleil Simply Smooth razors have 3 blades for a simply smoother shave.
  • Soothing moisture strip enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
  • Comfort Shield that helps protect skin from nicks and cuts.
  • Multi-pack of 10 razors that includes 3 Soleil Simply Smooth women's disposable razors and 7 Soleil Sensitive women's disposable razors.
  • Easily stash them in your gym or travel bag.