LIFE PROJECT 4 YOUTH (LP4Y): Professional Training for Entrepreneurs


NGO Name: Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)

Location: India





India has the world’s largest youth population, 30 % of youth is not working, nor following education or training programs. Millions of them live in critical conditions in urban and rural areas, at risk of exploitation and abuse. Young women also face social and professional integration challenges: about 75% of employed women work in agriculture, sector with a non-sustained job creation growth, leaving few choices for women who want to pursue a career.   



The BIC Corporate Foundation established its first partnership with LP4Y to build the Green Village in Raipur, thanks to which excluded young adults followed a 3-month residential professional training focused on autonomy, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork skills. Taking into consideration the success of the first project financed, the Foundation renewed its partnership with LP4Y to fund the “professional training for entrepreneurs” project. This training aims to promote the development of hard and soft skills in young adults 17-25 yo through Digital Inc (a collaborative online platform with training and young entrepreneurs' network). Participants of this program receive an allowance, food, and shelter, enabling them to focus on their personal development, autonomy, and empowerment and to have a better potential for success. 



"I am very very glad that I got the chance to be part of the Green Village in my life. My life has changed so much, I am really happy now. My family also, they are proud of me and of what I do, they never imagined before I could do this job in a nice place like the hotel and I can earn this salary. I feel like example for my brothers also, it is a very nice feeling. I feel deeply happy, everyday I wake up and I think I took the right decision to enter LP4Y training and I am so grateful." A testimony of Roshni Patel, youth from batch 3, working as Receptionist in a hotel. 


Photograph: @LP4Y