Helping consumers expressthemselves every day.



BIC began simply – with a vision and a pen. The goal was to create a product to answer a fundamental consumer need: a smooth, effortless writing tool. But what resulted was so much more: BIC democratized the art of writing and gave everyone the power of creative expression.


Today, BIC is evolving with our consumers, creating essential, iconic, sustainable products made simply and creatively. We will continue to enhance consumers’ daily lives and make products that are accessible, offer value and performance and earn trust around the world. We are reimagining the everyday, designing the simple solutions that empower self expressions.



BIC® products provide easy answers for everyday needs. In creating its first product, the BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen, BIC chose to go straight to what’s essential: create something for everyone to use that is simple, yet reliable, and provides a solution for something that we all do. This vision is at the heart of every brand decision BIC makes.

BIC adapts and develops its products to the changing needs of the consumer. Each time BIC identifies a specific need, its research and development teams respond with technical ingenuity to optimize performance.

The best way to gain and keep consumer loyalty is to provide products that offer the same quality of use from start to finish. Every BIC® Cristal® pen provides the same quality writing experience from beginning to end, writing for more than 1,2 miles (2 km). Every BIC® full-size lighter produces up to 3,000 steady flames. Every BIC® Flex 3 razor delivers up to 17 shaves.

Write in many colors, highlight, draw, color in, correct, produce a flame or shave… with BIC® products, everyone in the world is sure to find what they need, at an affordable price, offering both quality and reliability. In addition, BIC® products are available to consumers worldwide in more than four million retail outlets, from open-air pushcarts to large retailers.

We conduct our daily business with honesty, trustworthiness and respect.

We deliver our commitments to consumers, customers and colleagues, and we hold ourselves accountable for our work and our decisions.

We believe that a diversity of people from different cultures keeps our minds open to new opportunities, and that working in teams allows us to take advantage of these opportunities.

We believe that simple solutions are often the best solutions. When faced with complexity, we respond with clarity.

We find clever, practical and efficient solutions to the challenges that confront us.






1944: Marcel Bich and Édouard Buffard set up business creating writing instrument parts.


1950: Marcel Bich improves László Biró's ballpoint design and launches his own pen under the BIC® brand.

1951: BIC establishes its presence in Belgium.

1953: Société BIC is created.

1954: BIC enters Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

1956: BIC launches the BIC® M10® retractable pen.

1956: BIC expands into South America.

1957: BIC moves into Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

1958: BIC enters the North American market.

1959: BIC enters the Scandinavian market.